About Us


In 2015, through Research and Development, FAC has created a range of environmental friendly waterproofing products for the Myanmar building industry.

In 2018, we have collaborated with NEOTEX S.A. from Europe to put forward their wide range of Liquid Waterproofing (Polyurea, PU, hybrid, cementitious & more), Resinous Flooring (epoxy, polyurea, polymer, PU based), Energy Saving and Repairing solutions to Myanmar market. These quality products are now available in Myanmar.


Our products are available from our distributors or us. In addition, we provide comprehensive waterproofing service that comes with years of assured warranty to keep our clients stay free from trouble. Besides affording up-to-date techniques in preventive waterproofing on new construction, we also supply a wide variety of restoration and remedial waterproofing services.

Customers are welcome to get in touch with us for a free inspection, estimation or any inquiry.


We believe in customers’ satisfaction such as knowledge in our waterproofing products, responsible in product recommendation and committed to their success by delivering quality products.

Whenever in doubt, we recommend customers to get in touch with us.

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