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Two-component brushable water-based epoxy paint


Two-component brushable water-based epoxy paint

Fields of Application

Neopox® W Plus is suitable for use on floors and walls of factories, shops, laboratories, stairs, slaughter-houses, garages and places with increased humidity, such as kitchen and bathroom. It is also suitable in general for use in indoor areas, where solvent fumes are undesirable. It maintains its initial whiteness and provides protection from mechanical stress.


Neopox® W Plus is a new technology environmentally friendly water-based easy to apply paint. It is resistant to water, alkalis, detergents, diluted acids and many solvents. It offers also good abrasion, yellowing & strength resistance and very good adhesion on cement surfaces. It doesn’t contain any solvents (0% V.O.C. content) and benzyl alcohol.
Compliant with the regulation 2004/42/EC for limitation of V.O.C. in paints and varnishes.


White (RAL 9003), grey (RAL 7035). Tailor-made shades can be produced for a minimum quantity, upon special arrangement


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