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Hybrid waterproofing coating for roofs with UV cross linking system.


Hybrid waterproofing coating for roofs with UV cross linking system. It is certified product, with high reflectance and total emittance providing thermal insulation. It forms a non-penetrating against moisture film with resistance to extreme low temperatures up to -35oC. Basic application is also the coating of the mineral bitumen membrane with gravity stone.

Fields of Application

  • Roofs made of concrete, cement boards, mosaic, cement slurries
  • Rooftops with resistance to stagnant water
  • Mineral bitumen membranes
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Beside and under photovoltaic panels, enhancing their efficiency
  • Air-conditioning tubes
  • New or old polyurethane waterproofing layers
  • Thermal-insulating polyurethane panels and polycarbonate panels
  • Glass surfaces
  • Galvanized metal sheets and bituminous membranes with aluminium sheet surface
  • Over old roofing made of asbestos

(Upon some surfaces above, it is necessary to prime them with the appropriate each time primer, before Neoroof® application)

Properties and advantages

  • It is easily applied and dries into a smooth film that covers capillary cracks and provides total protection against moisture.
  • Neoroof® has a UV cross-linking system incorporated, designed to give very good dirt pick-up resistance. After 2 days exposure to direct sunlight the film is no tacky even under high temperatures.
  • It is not affected by adverse weather conditions and maintains its elasticity for temperatures from -35oC to +80oC, offering excellent impermeability to water.
  • It reflects the solar radiation and significantly reduces the energy consumption during summer period
  • Due to high reflectance and total emmitance, it decreases the temperature of the external surface that is exposed directly to the sun, up to 40%.
  • It offers cool atmosphere during summer and energy consumption reduction for air-conditioning.
  • Eco-friendly contributing to the elimination of the ‘urban heat island’ phenomenon and to the atmosphere pollution restriction, due to CO2 emissions decrease.
  • It delays the aging of the mineral bitumenous membrane
  • Certified with CE (EN 1504-2)

Technical Characteristics

  • Appearance: viscous liquid
  • Density (EN ISO 2811-1:2011): 1,297 g/cm3
  • Coverage: 500 -700 gr/m2 for two coats (cementitious surface),1-1,25 kg /m2 for two coats (mineral bitumenous membrane), 400 gr/m2 (metallic surface)
  • Drying time: 2-3 h initially at 25oC
  • PH(ISO 1148): 8-9
  • Bond Strength (EN 1542:2001): 1,47 N/mm2
  • Absorption Coefficient (24h) (EN 1062-3:2008): 0,00 kg/m2
  • Vapor Permeability Λ (EN 7783-1:1999): 0,0019 g/cm2 d-1
  • Resistance coefficient in diffusion μ (EN 7783-1:1999): 141,4777
  • Factor Sd (EN 7783-1:1999): 0,62m
  • Permeability CO2 (EN 1062-6:2002 Method A): 0,21 g/(m2 d)
  • Factor resistance μ (EN 1062-6:2002 Method A): 120228
  • Factor Sd (EN 1062-6:2002 Method A): 529,00 m
  • Hardness shore A (ASTM D2240): 44
  • Dry to recoat: 24 h at 25oC (low temperatures and high humidity prolong drying)
  • Reflectance (%): 91,8% (Visible: 400-750 nm)*
  • Total Reflectance (SR%): 88%*
  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): 111 (ASTM E1980-01)
  • Total Emittance: 0,86 (ASTM E408-71)

* (ASTM E 903-96), (ASTM G159-98)

– CRES- Laboratory for Energy Tests
– University of Athens


Neotextile®: For demanding application or when covering bigger than 2mm, Neoroof® may be reinforced with specially designed non-woven polyester reinforcement Neotextile®. In such cases, at least three coats of the product are required.



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