Revinex® Flex 2006 (34kg)

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Elastic cementitious waterproofing system


Elastic cementitious waterproofing system

Fields of Application

  • Surfaces under ceramictiles on swimming pools, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, kitchens
  • Water tanks, wells, silos
  • Basements and underground walls

Properties & advantages

  • Offers high elasticity, impermeability and protection to every vertical or horizontal construction surfaces, that is subjected to vibrations, contractions
  • Expand or chemical substances
  • Remarkable adhesion on numerous substrates, like concrete, cement slurries, bricks, metals, gypsum boards, polystyrene, mosaic and ceramic
  • Certified for application at tanks with potable water
  • Prevents metallic reinforcements corrosion, while enhances adhesion of cement on to the reinforcement
  • Resistance at low temperatures and snow/frost melting
  • Resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Water vapor-permeable, protects from concrete carbonization
  • CE certification (EN 1504-2)
  • Economic and easy to apply even from un-trained personnel
  • Bridges cracks, pores and thin joints
  • Protects from underground radon and chloride migration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with previous waterproofing layers

Technical characteristics

  • Mixing ratio (A:B, per weight): 2,4:1 or 70%-30%
  • Mixture colour: grey
  • Consumption: 2-2,5 kg/m2 for two layers
  • Minimum application temperature: +5°C
  • Pot life: 30 minutes at 25oC
  • Drying time (each layer): 8-10 hours at 25oC
  • Complies with EN 934-3, Table 1 & 3
  • Tensile strength (28 days DIN 53504): 9,61N/mm2
  • Elongation at break (28days DIN 53504): 16,8%
  • Convetional dry material content: 51,35%
  • Compressive strength at 28 days: 14 Mpa (limit 8,40 Mpa,superior to the demands 5,60 Mpa) (EN 934-3, table 3)
  • Resistance to penetration (after 52h): 18,43N/mm2


Sets of 34kg and 17kg available in fixed weight proportion of components A&B

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